Sunday, October 24, 2010

Concert review: Rocket, Live at the Three Clubs

I've been on-again/off-again about launching this blog for the better part of this year, being mostly content to keep my ramblings about the manifestations of the euterpean muse limited to 140 characters. But last night I went to a concert which caused me to wake up with a song stuck in my head and an overwhelming desire to tell you about it.

Mission Statement

If you find yourself reading this particular corner of the interwebs, you must love music. Music in all of its many manifestations. And for that, I throw the horns in your general direction, because you rock!

I have only one rule on this blog. I don't give negative reviews. There is enough negativity on the Internet to last an untold number of lifetimes and I for one am not here to add to it. There are more than enough outlets for slagging on hardworking musicians and the sounds they create. I do not consider myself a music critic. If I review an album or concert, its because there was something about it which I truly enjoyed and I want to share it with you.

If this isn't your particular cup of tea, that's cool, and may the road rise to you. If however you are still with me, I sincerely hope that something I write about brings as much joy to your ears as it does to mine.