Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best Cover You Will Hear This Week - Chiptune Cover of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games"

While the temptation was there to post this without comment, sometimes, especially when Chiptunes artists take something to the next level of awesome, you let the words flow. And that is exactly what has been crafted by Chip artist Leeni, as she covers Lana Del Rey's "Video Games".

Presented with comment to follow:

Having been impressed by and written about Leeni's music previously, it is easy to say she now holds a special place among my favorite purveyors of the Chiptune genre. This has to do with Leeni's ability to bring out something special in both her original chip music as well when she covers other artists' songs. In this instance, Leeni has transformed Lana Del Rey's melancholic anti-love song into a sweetly sung ode to the joys of local multiplayer and having that special someone to play side-by-side with. Props for the well placed, subtle sound drop from The Legend of Zelda at the 21 second mark.

"Video Games" is part of a new EP release from Leeni, entitled Headphones On Your Heart. And while Leeni makes this wonderful track a free download, all proceeds from downloading the complete EP go towards The Jed Foundation for suicide prevention. So go ahead and grab the free song here, but why not kick in the Lincoln and get the whole set. It may even grant +10 to your Do Gooder stat.

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